'Could this be your Second step to becoming the next Generation of Computer Games Designer?'

The PiTrol is a Games Controller for your Raspberry Pi!

Connect it by Ribbon Cable to the GPIO Connector on your Raspberry Pi (B or B+), then control your games with a JoyStick (Up, Down, Left, Right & Raspberry (push), five PushButtons (North, South, East, West & Pi) and 2 LEDs (Yellow & Green)

The PiTrol arrives as a kit needing soldering, but don't worry, it isn't that hard! There are many guides and instructions online, just google it!  

On the right you can see what is included in the kit, and what needs to be soldered. 

There are:

  • 1 PiTrol PCB
  • 20 4k7 ohm Resistors 
  • 12 330 ohm Resistors
  • 3 680k ohm Resistors
  • 11 100nF Ceramic Capacitors
  • 2 Hex Schmitt Inverters 
  • 1 Boxed Header 26 Way P1 
  • 1 LED Yellow 10mm  
  • 1 LED Green 10mm
  • 1 JoyStick 
  • 1 PushButton Switch Red 
  • 1 PushButton Switch Blue 
  • 1 PushButton Switch White
  • 1 PushButton Switch Green 
  • 1 PushButton Switch Yellow 
  • 1 JoyStick KeyCap 
  • 1 JoyStick Raspberry Label
  • 1 Self Adhesive Feet 
  • 1 Rainbow Ribbon Cable 

I know it seems lots, but it only took me about 1hr, and I am far from being an experienced solderer! 

Once soldered, you can begin to follow the challenges outlined in the extensive instructions manual found on the website http://www.thepitrol.com/

You will learn how to edit the python game 'Wormy' (commonly known as 'Snake') so that you can control it with the joystick on the PiTrol. On the right there is a video of me playing Wormy with the PiTrol. I am going to make the game more complex when I have time, but as it is Christmas Eve at time of writing, I think that it may have to wait until next year!

For those of you who can't wait to get your hands on one, The PiTrol is now on sale direct via his Web Site www.ThePiTrol.com for £19.95 + £2 P&P (+ £1 for optional GPIO Adapter if connecting it to a Raspberry Pi Model B+). Early next year he hopes to have discussions with companies interested in manufacturing and selling it on his behalf but the only way to get it on sale before Xmas was to manufacture and sell it himself.

Merry Christmas!