The Seven Segments of Pi is an electronic circuit which attaches to your Raspberry Pi Computer to create what may be the Simplest Games Console in the World! …however although it may be simple, it includes all of the elements of any games console – ‘Control’ and ‘Display’. A single Red PushButton acts as your ‘Control’ and a Seven Segment LED acts as your ‘Display’ - but unlike other games consoles, this one is designed to run the software written by you!            - Innovations in Education

The Seven Segments of Pi is a very simple games console. It looks fun, and is really entertaining to play with! The kit comes with all the pieces to build the SSPI itself, but some come with the preloaded SD card, and others without. 

The first thing that has to be done is to solder the kit together, instructions for which are clear and simple in either the hard copy, or PDF version provided. The soldering is vital at the moment, but there are plans in the pipeline for kits to be produced fully assembled. When the soldering is complete, the instructions will guide you through ensuring that all of the components work correctly, and finally runs you through setting up the Pi itself. As you may have realised, the instructions are very comprehensive, and incredibly useful.

The instruction manual outlines three programming challenges: a dice, a stopwatch and finally a  simple game. Each of these tasks increases in difficulty, and everything is explained well. The resulting product is multiple working programs, and a wide knowledge of Python (programming language).

Overall, this is the most fun, well thought out and educational of all of the different products that I have tried out (and I haven't been told to say this!). I cannot wait for the PiTrol and PiDapter to come out! Check out the pictures at the bottom for a sneak-preview of what its all about! 

Kits can be bought from: 

This is the PiTrol, a games controller for the Raspberry Pi. It consists of a joystick, 5 buttons and two LEDs. The joystick can move up, down, left and right, as well as being a simple button as well. This is the 'Raspberry Button' note the 3D printing, and lovely sticker! The red button has been named the 'Pi Button' and could work a little like the start button on an xbox controller.

The PiDapter allows two PiTrols to be connected to the Pi at the same time. As the Pi has only 17 inputs/outputs, and the PiTrol uses 12 you can turn the different buttons on/off.  This is still a work in progress.