Setting up the Kano Computer Kit is as simple as it gets, however in doing so, and following the fun, simple and well-written instruction booklet, lots can be learnt about how a computer works, and 'which bits do what.'

After the Pi has been connected to the power supply, monitor, speaker (mounted within case), micro SD card and keyboard dongle, you are ready to boot up for the first time. Please note that as I am using the Raspberry Pi 3 (with on-board WiFi and Bluetooth) I do not need to attach the Pi to a WiFi dongle. It is also possible to link the provided keyboard/mouse to the Pi via Bluetooth, however you would need to attach an additional keyboard/mouse to the Pi to perform this setup for the first time. 


The main apps already installed on the Kano are:

  • Terminal Quest (A fun, educational and very addictive command-line based game.)
  • Pong (Hack your own version of the game pong)
  • Snake (Hack your own version of the game snake)
  • Minecraft (Hack minecraft)
  • Sonic Pi (Code your own music)
  • Light-Up (Code the lights around the speaker)
  • Scratch (Block-based programming)
  • Google Chrome (Web browser)

Phew! What a lot of apps, but how will I know how to use them all? Well, the folks at Team Kano are already one gigantic leap ahead of you - all of the apps have comprehensive tutorials that walk you through every single challenge untill you become the ultimate Kano master!



When you switch on the Kano for the first time, you are greeted with an array of start-up messages and simple activities, before reaching the Kano's personalised desktop (left). The desktop contains links to most of the apps installed on the device, and also allows the user to add/remove apps shown on the desktop as required. (And you can be mesmerised by the beautiful blinky lights!! <3 (below)) 

If a 'Kano World' account has been created, then the username and icon will be displayed in the top left of the screen, alongside the current level of the user within the Kano challenges. 'Kano World' is an awesome online platform that allows Kano owners from across the world to share the projects that they have been working on, and also allows users to try out code that other people have uploaded from their Kanos!