I know that this blog post is late, and I havn't updated this website in an age, but better late than never! Enjoy! 

On 5th December 2015, I attended 'PiWars' a robotics competition for all things Pi! You can visit the event's website by clicking here. As you can see from the photo gallery on the left, my robot (BuddenBot) was entirely designed, coded, financed and built by my own two hands. I started the planning/building in the summer of 2015, with the intent of giving me plenty of time to prepare for the event, but of course, I was still incredibly busy in the last week before the event putting the finishing touches on the robot. 

BuddenBot was designed to be able to compete in all of the challenges, however as I was on a budget, the parts were all mainly cheap and underpowered (i.e. the rubbish weak motors). However, whilst these factors may have impaired BuddenBot's performance against some of the other more powerful robots, I feel that I didn't do to badly when the results were published. (The full results from PiWars 2015 can be found here). I feel that my greatest achievement of the day was getting to the quarter-finals of the Pi Noon balloon-popping battle challenge, and you can watch a video of one of BuddenBot's battles on the right. I think that coming 13/22 overall in the 'Under A4' size category was quite an acheivement! Thanks to Tim Richardson and Michael Horne who organised and ran the event; it wouldn't have been possible without them! 

(Also thanks to Liz and Eben Upton who I met at the end of the event, and thanks to Eben, BuddenBot now proudly shows his inventor's signature! - See picture below!)

(Above) Me feeling a little star-struck whilst meeting Liz and Eben Upton to get BuddenBot signed by the creator of the Raspberry Pi! 

(Above) BuddenBot on the Line following course

(Below)BuddenBot lining up for a go at the Skittles Challenge 

(Above) BuddenBot completing the straight line speed test - note santa peering in!

(Below) BuddenBot vs Cybercondriac during PiNoon