As you will find out from this tutorial, I absolutely loved this little peice of electronics! I had so much fun playing around with all sorts of crazy things, and turning them into keys for my Raspberry Pi!

The MaKey MaKey is a board which allows you to turn anything that will conduct a tiny bit of electricity, into a key to be used on a computer, or in your case, a Raspberry Pi! I really think that you should buy one, due to the totally endless things which can be acheived by using it! Buy one direct, here

By connecting yourself to 'ground' and the object of your choice to the appropriate place on the board, you can play the piano on bananas, pacman on paper and mario on play-doh! (cue video!) 

 When my MaKey arrived, i was presented with a cool-looking box which contained:

  • The MaKey MaKey board
  • A USB to Micro-USB cable
  • 7 Alligator clips
  • 6 jumper leads

On the MaKey MaKey, there are numerous different inputs that can be controlled by virtually anything! These are:
  • Up
  • Down
  • Left 
  • Right
  • Space
  • Left Click
  • Right Click
  • Up mouse movement
  • Down mouse movement
  • Left mouse movement
  • Right mouse movement
  • W
  • A
  • S
  • D
  • F
  • G

I immediately got to action and started MaKing (see what I did there!?) 

  1. I plugged the big end of the USB lead into my Raspberry Pi, and the small end into the socket marked 'power' on the  reverse side of the MaKey MaKey. 
  2. I opened a program up on my Pi, that i wanted to control using the MaKey MaKey. (I used a program i made in Scratch)
  3. Using one of the alligator clips or jumper lead, I connected an object to one of the plugs on the board (as shown in the video!)
  4. I also connected another lead to myself.
  5. Each time i touched the object, the raspberry pi reacted, with the chosen input, which you selected.
That is pretty much as simple as it gets! The rest is up to you, to think of loads of different things to do! And don't forget, please let me know of anything cool that you get up to with it, and I will feature you on this site! 

Here is what i got up to with the MaKey MaKey!