The Kano Computer Kit - A computer that anyone can build. In a world where technology is handed to consumers on a plate, both Kano and the Raspberry Pi foundation share the ideology that we should be creating and not just consuming the games, music, programs and apps that we all know, use and love. 

With this in mind, Team Kano went about creating a Kickstarter Project for 'A computer anyone can make'. The project went live on November 19th 2013, and managed to raise a phenomenal $100,000 in just 18 hours! By the end of the campaign, Kano had banked $1,522,160 with support from 13,387 people. 

Since the early beginnings, Team Kano has expanded rapidly and now employ 18 people, with a large list of vacancies for new positions within the business. After numerous releases of new Raspberry Pis, the latest kit comes with the brand-new Raspberry Pi 3 - complete with onboard WiFi and Bluetooth. 

The video to the right shows me unboxing the kit in stop-motion. Stay tuned for more videos on the Kit, and I will undertake many projects as well as giving each one a full write up so you can have a go too!

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