Cayenne is a fantastic piece of free software from 'My Devices', a Californian company that aims to provide great free software to people who need it - us! Cayenne has been designed to allow the Raspberry Pi to communicate with the internet without the need for a keyboard, mouse or monitor connected to the Pi. 

Once connected, the online dashboard can be used to view the status of the Pi, including its CPU performance, RAM usage and disk space. Furthermore, Cayenne really stands out when combined with a variety of different components, such as sensors and actuators, that have already been set up for easy installation and use with the software.

By following the simple tutorials, a host of sensors, motors and other outputs can be added to the system with a click of a button, and can be automated for use in a project you are free to dream up yourself, all able to communicate with each other and respond to all connected devices or other variables, as selected by you in the super-simple drag and drop project editor! 


(Above) The dashboard displaying the real-time status of your Raspberry Pi.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as: 'where everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data'

In normal terms, this means that simple objects, such as your fridge, or front door can be connected to the internet, allowing you, for example, to be sent a picture of the contents of your fridge to your phone, every time you leave the house. Cool huh?

Click here to find out how to install Cayenne onto your Raspberry Pi!

Stay tuned as I write a series of tutorials, explaining how to make the most of the software, and how to connect various components  to the Pi in order to make a smart, connected IoT device!