This little peice of kit is as cool as I anticipated it to be! 

The Berry Clip is an add-on board for the Pi, which consists of six LED's, a buzzer and a button. One of the many wonderful things about this board is that it only costs £5.99! (watch the tutorial below to find out where to buy one!) The board can be programmed using the programming language Python. The possibilities here are endless, you could make a simple, press button, LED's light, or you could make a nice little game!

Here is all of the code, from the video.

  1. mkdir berryclip
  2. cd berryclip
  3. wget http//
  4. sh
  5. ls

To run a pre-made program:

  • sudo python

To edit a pre-made program:

  • nano

To view a pre-made program:

  • cat

To copy a pre-made program to a new name, in the same folder:

  • cp

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